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Brand new, free solution for QA folks and newcomers to manage their careers and professional expectations. Learn, grow, practice and share your knowledge.

Main Features/Benefits

StrimQa is a product which will help you to learn QA profession in theory and provide you with the practice exercises to develop real bug hunt skills. Follow your career path in StrimQa career navigator to achieve your next goal.

Career navigator

We develop career navigator for newcomers and staff QA engineers, answer simple questions and start your journey to the next career achievement

ISTQB materials

ISTQB is well known QA industry leader, learn new, develop your skills with StrimQa and ISTQB educational materials

Test exams and practice

StrimQa offers practice: test ISTQB exams, terms to learn, online events and sample apps to test to develop your bughunt skills


StrimQa is available on Android and iOS, download StrimQa now and start your trainings Today. StrimQa is absolutely free and it has zero ads.

Try to pass ISTQB test exam to check your QA skills, select your next career goal and achieve it with StrimQa

StrimQa is available for iOS and Android, free, zero ads


StrimQa is free and zero ads project for QA education industry.



- Implemented backend Server to host all the content

- Implemented Android client application

- Implemented iOS client application

- Added 120 ISTQB FL exam questions

- Added ISTQB FL Syllabus for self learning in Russian and English

- Added built-in homework with the specification and the built-in Calculator application for testing



- Add Video course into the app

- Add Achievements into the app

- Add digitally generated certificates

- Add QR code scanner to verify achievements

- Add QA Glossary

- Add feature to share achievements


In Progress

- Add 200 top questions for QA interviews

- Release first version of QA Career Navigator (Junior+Skills)

- Add new ISTQB Syllabus, exam and terms

- Start new iOS mobile client implementation



- iOS Mobile client release, fully functional and the same to Android version

- Release of QA Career Navigator (Middle+Skills)

- New build in QA training app

- Release new ISTQB Syllabus every two month

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